throwing a bridge

"…[she] was a whole world, just as distant as any other man, as any other woman… and yet there was something that allowed one to think of throwing a bridge." ~ The Jeweler's Shop

“…there was something that allowed one to think…”

In his play, “The Jeweler’s Shop”, John Paul II uses the phrase “throwing a bridge” to describe the capacity we have, even within our experiences of isolation, to reach each other: to cross over the abyss between the mystery and depth of my life, and the mystery and depth of your life… the capacity for communion. Today, our culture is in desperate need of bridges: between people, between us and reality, between us and the very depth of ourselves, of our most basic needs and desires… of our own humanity.  May the words shared here be a means of restoring into focus the multitude of bridges we encounter in our every day life. May they also be bridges, carrying us always deeper into the truth of things, and leading us home.