The Value of Time


 “I have feared, O Lord, your work. In the course of the years make it known, in the course of the years revive it.” ~ Habakkuk 3:2-4

In the course of the years…

And I wanted to pray, “Right now!”

In the course of the years…

And I was asking, “Already!”

While I am writhing in impatience

For this journey to be done

For the answer to be given

For perfection to be reached

Your Church is praying,

“Unfold your saving work, Lord,

In the course of the years…”

And I’m grasping after the humility

To enter into this prayer

To say these words

And mean them.

And I’m groping for the abandonment

To ask this petition

To affirm this request

In sincerity:

That Your work of salvation unfold

in Your own time

Through the daily, dragging, unfolding

Of hours, days, and seasons.

That my eyes may be opened to see

What Mother Church is seeing

And to praise, with her, the wonder

And the sacredness of this journey.

Not the end result.

Not the final fulfillment.

Not the definitive perfection.

Not completion.

But the painful process.

The long waiting.

The slow progression.

The movement.

Revive it, Lord

Make it known:

Your saving work,

Your salvation

In the slow, sacred unfolding

the painful, ponderous movement

Of moments.

O Eternal One, invested in time,

Teach us to delight

In the ponderous unfolding,


Of moment on moment.

And You Who rests in forever,

Teach us to love

The sacred, gradual movement


Of hour by hour.

Place Your words again upon my lips,

And with Your Church, I am enabled to pray:

Unfold Your work, Lord, in the course of these years,

And unfold our years,

our days,

our hours,

According to Your work.


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