(Excerpt from my “Mysteries of the Rosary” prayers, for the Transfiguration)

Here we are, Lord, again on this mountain of your glory

For a brief moment, consumed, held, poised

In this eternal moment of joy and peace and fullness

Where there is no shadow.

Where, for the eternal space of an instant, we experience

The blinding light of eternity

And feel ourselves complete, satisfied, filled, ‘till we cry, with Peter

“Lord, let us stay here!”

let us build the everlasting tents here, and stay.

Why need we come back down?

Into the darkness and pain and shadows that we know, all too well

Are still waiting for us the next moment.

But I’ve been through this journey too many times not to know

That the next step is back down.

That these moments of absolute bliss and perfection are fleeting

Like one ecstatic sip of liquid to a parched throat.

And instead, you cover us with the cloud of Your presence

And lead us back down, into the way of Calvary.

And if we must go, again, Lord, will you let

These short sips, these brief instants of absolute communion

These glimpses of fulfillment

Penetrate to the marrow of me

And hold me together through further shadows

Until eternity.


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