In wrinkled, pungent skin.

In soft, firm hands that guide with confident love.

In the multitude of human shapes, and sizes

All wrapped in baptismal, glorious white

To descend into mercy.



In gentle, knowing hands.

In the soft, blue folds covering fear, and weakness

In the eyes that see the whole person, the whole life

Brought today in desperate, vulnerable hope

for further wholeness.



In the bodies restored to health, to wellness.

In the minds and hearts renewed, reinserted

into the Mystery of the Father’s faithful Love

Incarnate in these waters.



In the fleshiness of serving persons with our bodies

In the bodiliness of serving pilgrims in their flesh

In the real, cold wetness of these waters, still

Bringing new creation to His creatures

Through this physical sacrament.



In the Creator hidden as bread,

to walk these roads daily with his children.

In the Savior, hidden in man, to take away their sins.

In these waters, made with the purpose

Of bringing back to life


through this sacramental,



this whole,






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