Litany of Hope


Inspired by, and a tribute to the writing of Charles Peguy…


I stare into the depths, sifting through all of these layers.

Every aspect of reality.

Every word, and every thought.

Every concept, and every claim.

Every experience.

Letting it fall through my fingers like the earth.

Like the top layers of this soil.

And I dig to the deepest point.

The very deepest, darkest place.

The coldest, most foundational point.

At the heart of everything.

Closest to the very core of everything.

And there I see, and take hold of what is most real.

Most solid.

Most true.

The one thing that cannot be shaken

Cannot be overcome.

A promise: that all can be made new.

That the darkest, the most violent.

The most evil.

The greatest suffering.

The deepest guilt, and the darkest tragedy.

the lowest despair, and the surest end.

The strongest finality of terror and darkness.

The thickest blackness.

The most real and powerful evil, in the end,

Are not the end:

Do not have the last word.

Not even these.

Each and every one, the worst of everything.

In every area.

Even these can be made new.

Can be made light.

Can be transformed, and undone.

Can be restored, and made clean.

Can be made whole, can be made right.

Even these can be made beautiful.

Can be redeemed.

Can be healed.

Because the One at the source of everything

Descended to the deepest point of everything that He was not

To take up into Himself even these.

To leave nothing undone.

Nothing un-suffered.

Nothing untouched by Goodness.

By Truth.

By Beauty.

He touched everything with these three.

So that the only possible end of everything most dark and most deep

Is what is most bright and most beautiful.

In the end.

Every time.

There is nothing that He has not touched.

That He has not taken.

That He has not swept up into the Power that flows from Him.


That He has not buried in His own Heart,

Melting in this burning furnace every hard and jagged and solid piece of our humanity

Into the liquid measure of love.

Into redemption.

No thing.

Nothing we have done, and nothing done to us.

Nothing we have suffered.

Nothing we have seen.

Nothing we have felt.

Nothing we have heard.

Nothing we have said.

Nothing we have witnessed.

If we hold on to anything as more real than this Truth,

We have betrayed the One Who established our very reality.

And Who holds us in being.

Because if anything else is more real than this fact,

Then everything else is more real.

More real than God.

At this deepest point, face to face with our rawest reality,

There is this choice:

Believe that what we know, and what we see.

What we experience.

What we suffer.

What we do.

What we hate

Is all there is, is the most real.

Is the end of everything.

Or believe the One that made it all, on Whom every piece of reality depends.

Who promised that it is not all:

That there is more.

That He holds the end of all things.

And is making them beautiful.

All things.


Because nothing is more real than this promise, that He does make ALL things new.

All things.

It is God, or not God.

There is no choice besides.

If God is not bigger.

If there is no promise.

If there is one piece, one act.

One event, or  one person




then there is not God.

Either God is All-Powerful.


Or He is not God.


Look into this depth through the darkness.

The pain.

The intense reality of the evil.

Of all things.

And see.



That there is a God, and that He has promised.

That makes all things new.


Of this.

These ashes:





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