Prayer for His Priest

In honor of the ordination day and the anniversaries of a handful of closest friends…


Today, Lord

Take his head, Lord

in your Sacred Hands,

his head forever sealed

by Your Holy Spirit, and crowned now

with the glory of our thorns

that he bears with You.

And remind, him,

As he goes, Lord,

Of the sacred character he bears,

The inheritance of consecration

Received from the hands of many brothers

that he may hand on to us Your Presence,

enfleshed in him today.

Today, Lord

Take his hands, Lord

These hands that belong, now, to You

since they were anointed, sealed,

branded by the sign of your victory

Your victory through dying.

And take Lord,

in Your own, Lord

And hold them, there, today

That these hands may once more

Enter into Your victory

By bearing Your wounds

For the least of these.

And touch, Lord

His mouth, Lord

That it may be open to proclaim

the Word entrusted to him,

to bring new creation out of chaos.

And speak, Lord,

with your voice, Lord

In his voice, today

That the Word of restoration

May be carried again, in him

To all of those waiting in darkness

For the sound of his voice.

Hold, Lord,

His heart, Lord

In the weariness it will bear

for us today

Since he became the intercessor

Of our weakness, and weariness

With Your Sacred Heart

And lift, Lord,

this weight, Lord

of our cross upon his shoulders

And share the yoke with him

As You promised you would

When he promised to take

The yoke for us.

Today, Lord

Take your priest, Lord

Your Son who has become

a father in Your Bride

And confirm Your seal on his head

And bless the work of his hands

And fill the breath of his voice

And hold the weight of his heart

As he offers himself for us.

And tonight, Lord

When he returns, Lord

Covered in our dirt and tears and weariness

Will you enfold him in these prayers

that we offer you, today

That he may be renewed

For the offering

of tomorrow.




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