The Untold Stories

4/12/16 For every one of us, there is a story told, and an untold story. There is the part of us that everyone sees, hears of, is exposed to, and the interior drama of our lives that few, if any, ever know. Especially in the age of social media, of Facebook and Twitter, everyone has … More The Untold Stories

Growing Young

5/6/16  The Hard Truth… Life is messy. Growing up is painful. As I face the end of my twenties, I find myself grappling with this in more sharp relief than ever. I cannot quite recall the actual day I woke up and realized that real life is not the way it works in movies. It … More Growing Young

Glimpsing Grandeur

05/01/2015  “The world is charged with the grandeur of God”. This line has been haunting me lately, following me in mysterious ways, and manifesting itself to me over and over again. I’ve been finding it everywhere. It was recited aloud at a gathering of friends this week over dinner. I opened up Andrew Peterson’s cd, … More Glimpsing Grandeur

Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope

2/7/14 Originally posted at the Rabbit Room blog. Every time I come home for the Christmas holiday, I am greeted by the familiar sight of my father, lounging comfortably in his big, black leather chair…the soft, yellow glow of the lamp beside him illuminating his little corner…his old, green, flannel shirt…the glasses he’s finally resigned … More Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope

Real Adoration

12/16/14 Knowing a good many people in my life right now who are struggling with a lot of things, I was struck to the core by the second reading this Gaudete Sunday, when St. Paul tells us: “In all circumstances, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” That … More Real Adoration

Of Words and Wonder

10/28/15 I’m finding that the familiar has a tendency toward the invisible. The more I grow accustomed to a thing, the harder it becomes to see that thing in its fullness. And oftentimes, I don’t even recognize when this happens: because many things are so familiar, so ordinary, such an integral dimension of the warp … More Of Words and Wonder