Cloud of Witnesses

A reflection written last year on the fifth Sunday of Lent: one of my favorite gospels, the raising of Lazarus… 04/17 You’re standing there, confronting Him: Facing the One Who could have saved him And didn’t come. And yet, with the tears, and the pain of feeling abandoned still present in your face, Somehow, you … More Cloud of Witnesses


For Mercy Sunday… 9/4/13 Mercy. What does mercy mean? Not a lifting of this darkness. Not a holding back the tide. Not a promise to be spared from the nightmare. Not a shield from any hurt. Not a barricade from pain. Not a saving from the worst of your imagining.   It’s a hand to … More Mercy


“This is the night:” Night of contradiction, Of Darkness and light. Silence and song. Sorrow and joy. Death and life. Time and eternity— Night of transformation Through contradiction; eternity rupturing time. Time loosing what meaning it has, For one night, overcome. “In the beginning…” God’s first Fiat, sounds in our ears tonight. The first action … More Exsultet

Martha’s Faith

7/29/14 You did not come to her, Lord, in the garden Lush, and green, and cool In the dazzling, gentle glory Of the rising sun In the morning. She did not find you, suddenly Transforming boundless grief into Wonder and joy With the sound of her name.   No. You came to her down the … More Martha’s Faith

Litany of Hope

12/17/13 Inspired by, and a tribute to the writing of Charles Peguy…   I stare into the depths, sifting through all of these layers. Every aspect of reality. Every word, and every thought. Every concept, and every claim. Every experience. Letting it fall through my fingers like the earth. Like the top layers of this soil. … More Litany of Hope


2/17/16 A poem for this season of Lent…   Your love is the desert Where this dry, piercing heat Consumes every ounce of moisture in my bones Until they cry out, parched, for You like the relief of water to the desperate.   Your longing for me is this desert Where the burning, relentless winds Empty me of … More Desert


                                                                         02/11/14 Beauty. In wrinkled, pungent skin. In soft, firm hands that guide with confident love. In the multitude of … More Lourdes