Cloud of Witnesses

A reflection written last year on the fifth Sunday of Lent: one of my favorite gospels, the raising of Lazarus… 04/17 You’re standing there, confronting Him: Facing the One Who could have saved him And didn’t come. And yet, with the tears, and the pain of feeling abandoned still present in your face, Somehow, you … More Cloud of Witnesses

A Tribute to Life

August 11th, 2017 It’s 7:00am, a brilliant and sunny friday morning, and I’m winding my way through the hills of the Pennsylvania turnpike. I’m on my way home. Praying I make it in time to say goodbye to my grandfather, a man who has played such an integral role through so many years of my … More A Tribute to Life


2/17/16 A poem for this season of Lent…   Your love is the desert Where this dry, piercing heat Consumes every ounce of moisture in my bones Until they cry out, parched, for You like the relief of water to the desperate.   Your longing for me is this desert Where the burning, relentless winds Empty me of … More Desert


                                                                         02/11/14 Beauty. In wrinkled, pungent skin. In soft, firm hands that guide with confident love. In the multitude of … More Lourdes

Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope

2/7/14 Originally posted at the Rabbit Room blog. Every time I come home for the Christmas holiday, I am greeted by the familiar sight of my father, lounging comfortably in his big, black leather chair…the soft, yellow glow of the lamp beside him illuminating his little corner…his old, green, flannel shirt…the glasses he’s finally resigned … More Of Tolkien, Fairytales, and the Gift of Hope